How to become smart and productive ?

The most common question, we ask our self, usually when we try to solve something

 challenging. Everyone wants to become extraordinary. Most of us get inspired from “Sherlock” and try to imply the character’s routine in our life and get fail. So how to overcome that.  So here we come to help you out to become smarter (it’s not based on any research, it’s the general understanding based on experiences, could vary for different individuals.

Now, to understand the dynamics of becoming smarter, you need to take a pause, pause from the 1000’s of unproductive thoughts and just directing yourself towards few productive and achievable productive thought.


Believe it guys, the routine/lifestyle etc matters a lot. Think of your grandfather’s time, people of that time were smarter than us. But how?  We have the technology, the internet etc, so why they were in general smarter than us.

It’s because of their routine, their lifestyle. This can be explained through an example- What we do when sitting alone, without any work. Most of us watch T.V. Shows, (you know netflix and chill), watch movies, or started talking to friends on unproductive topics like stupid problems, new movies etc. How such thoughts will help in inner growth/development. But earlier, idle time was utilized by reading the whole newspaper, I have seen elders reading the newspaper, first like in Hindi than English, and any other local language if they prefer. This is how they became so smarter, their memory is better than us

“READING MAKES YOU SMARTER”                                                      

 Now, we cannot even read news on, mobile application. It’s just the matter of habit, which we have to adopt again. Technology has provided us the benefits which we should be thankful and use it wisely for self-growth. So keep reading books, newspaper etc. .

Secondly, what else can make you smarter from inside? Smarter does not mean that you became TONY STARK who can build an IRON MAN suit. It’s just what you are experiencing in daily life, you do it with full energy, in a smart way.

So, our food intake is also a very important factor which helps us to become smarter. We generally don’t eat food that gives energy to our brain. Our eating habit has become so worse; we don’t feel energetic even in morning. So change in our eating habit will definitely help to become smarter, to enhance the ability to think more. Eat a handful of almonds, you feel energetic throughout the day. If you are not energetic , you cannot become productive in nature. Stop eating such things which make you slow, lethargic, like fried, etc. They don’t give you energy, they just give you pleasure for few minutes.

Another practice which can make you smart is controlling your thoughts.   Our thought process helps us to do anything, to become anything. To have good thought process is not easy, you self-analyze your actions, you started questioning yourself. Start marking your shortcomings, your lags and try to improve it.  You know, most of the average student with great thought process is smarter and successful than one who always tops. Therefore so many average students clear most of the competitive exams held in our country because of their thought process.

So, for now, try to adapt these things to life. If you succeed in this, you will experience the change. We have been living a certain kind of lifestyle for many years, so it will take the time to change it. It cannot be done over night.

So, don’t sit idle and try to improve yourself every second and start your journey to become smarter.

Top Survival themed/ last man standing Anime To Binge

6. Eden of the East


On a trip to Washington DC, college student, Saki Morimi, encounters Akira Tokizawa. She soon learns that Japan fell victim to a missile attack, and Akira is involved in a game in which the objective is to ‘save’ Japan. With 8.2 billion yen to his name, Akira must use this money to complete his mission if he hopes to survive .

This anime starts bizarrely but as the story progresses , the shows grips you and you can’t wait but to watch it till the end .


5. Gantz


In this series, recently deceased childhood friends Kei and Masaru are thrown into a deadly game of survival, in which their skills and morals are tested.

This anime has a very unusual theme but certainly delivers on survival theme . The show is a treat , if you are fan of the battle royale genre . The anime is very gory with lots of killings and deaths


4. Danganronpa : The Animation


Naegi and his fellow classmates are initially ecstatic to be chosen to study at this prestigious institution, but these feelings of happiness are short-lived. They are soon confronted by Monokuma, the principal and resident bear, who traps them inside the school. The pupils’ hopes of escape and graduation hinge on one of them successfully murdering one of their peers without being discovered. However, if the killer is caught, he or she will be executed, and the remaining survivors will be left to continue the deathmatch until only a single victor remains.

The anime is based on the game of the same name and well , murdering successfully to graduate from the school is more than enough to ensure the chaos and destruction the anime contain . A great survival  murder mystery that will get you hooked and as a bonus 2 more seasons are released .


3. Deadman Wonderland


Ganta Igarashi’s life is turned upside down when his entire class is brutally slaughtered by a mysterious man in red. Ganta is the only survivor. He is almost immediately accused of murdering his classmates, and is sent to the amusement park-like prison, Deadman Wonderland. Prisoners are forced to compete in deadly games for the entertainment of onlookers which earns them medicine to neutralize the lethal poison constantly being pumped into their necks.

This great anime is highly underrated , but it’s so great . There are only 12 episodes and in the end you’ll be craving for more as show ends on a cliffhanger and there is no second season . Story is great and contains mature content .


2. Btooom! 


Yota Sakamoto is an unemployed 22-year-old young man who lives with his mother Yukie. He is one of the world’s top players of the combat video game called Btooom!. One day, he awakes in what appears to be a tropical island, though he does not remember how or why he has been transported there. While wandering around, Ryōta sees someone and calls out for help. The stranger responds by throwing a bomb at him. Ryōta soon realizes that his life is in danger and that he has somehow been trapped in a real-life version of his favorite game

Btooom! is an epitome of survival genre . This anime is one of the best there is on this genre . Captivating  story and great twists which will keep you on the edge of your seats . Highly recommend this show and believe me it will not disappoint .


1. Mirai Nikki / Future Diary


Yukiteru Amano is a 14-year-old timid, daydreaming loner who observes life and jots down the events on his cell phone. His only friends are Deus Ex Machina, the God of Space and Time, and his assistant Muru Muru. Deus transforms Yukiteru’s phone into a Future Diary, capable of predicting the future up to ninety days. Yukiteru discovers he and eleven others are part of a survival game orchestrated by Deus. The aim of this game is to eliminate the other diary holders, the winner succeeding Deus as god and can prevent the Apocalypse.

I can never stop praising this anime as this Mirai Nikki has it all. Twists at every corner , epic story line which will be sure to get hooked on this series . The show is pure psychotic with some great characters and it captures what happens when humans are pushed to their limits . This is a masterpiece and I order you to watch this great anime .





What do you do when you hit rock bottom ? The time when you are at your lowest.The time when everything and everyone is against you . At times like these there are two choices : succumb to your demons or have courage to defeat them . I must say  choice one  is easier as one can blame fate , people , misfortune etc . A person uses excuses to justify their troubles , I mean what’s the need cause we are at the bottom so now we can only move forward , so why give us this fake satisfaction ?

Now , now choice two is challenging but rewarding . Facing your demons can lead to uncanny achievements  , closure and the struggle is as close as you’ll feel of being alive. People who are resilient even when forces are against them , they are the ones to achieve greatness .

I believe in the fact the humans can be that resilient and achieve greatness . So the key is to never fear the struggle as one day or another it will lead you to greatness .

Friends but no friendship

Let me ask you this : how many friends do you have ?

Your answer would be three maybe five or more , but recently I found that , I have lot of friends but there is no real friendship.

At times when I feel lonely and broken , none of my friends even answer my calls and then they say they are busy and I feel like a fool to be there for them whenever they need me . For their girls they are always ready to do anything, but what about friendship ? Are we really just using each others to break from our monotonous life and call for each other to feel better , but what about the other individual , do we really give a damn ? Are we really interested in their life or we see our liberator in them but are we their liberators and help them overcome their problems .

So we have really entered an age where friends are only to be made for one’s benefit . This means in our most intimate moments one has to be alone , “seems so lonely”.Is this our true face ? Our reality!

I mean what happened to us , can we really find that selfless individual and be selfless for them ? I want to believe in this idea.


Top Reasons You Should Stop Watching TV

Yes, I know my last post was about top TV series to watch and now I going to tell you to do the opposite thing , but from personal experience I found that TV does more harm than good ( I’m not saying one should completely stop watching Telly but limiting it to 2-3 hr a week). So , here are the reasons you should stop watching TV.


Influencing the mindset


Anybody who has ever been a policeman, a lawyer or an government agent agent will attest agree that television does not accurately portray their life . In almost all aspects, television rarely depicts the world and life accurately. Too much television results in disillusionment about what to expect from the world around us . It creates various expectations which are shattered when reality strikes .

Unproductive Activity


Recent studies agreed to the fact that when watching TV , the brain becomes very inactive and goes in a state which is similar to sleeping . It makes our brain dull and influences us to do easy or dull activities .


Shorten Lifespan


Anyone who spends six hours a day in front of the box is at risk of dying five years sooner than those who enjoy more active pastimes, it is claimed. Researchers say that watching too much TV is as dangerous as smoking or being overweight, and that the “ubiquitous sedentary behavior” should be seen as a “public health problem”.


Unrealistic expectations


It’s a fact that after watching various sitcoms or series , we make very unreal expectations for the future . A person may  think his college , office or sex life may be extraordinary like all the characters . Due to which when actual think will happen , the only think the person may feel is negativity and disappointment .




Usually we use TV as a scapegoat to hide from our conflicts . We watch movies even when our projects are due the other day or binge watch when feeling sad , but instead of facing the reality and confronting the issue , we delay it and that cost us negatively in the future and creates more baggage .


Real Happiness


If we stop wasting time on TV , we will have enough time do to things that makes us happy in reality like spending time with family and friends , reading (which I love) or any other hobbies. The time which was wasted earlier can be used to salvage our life  and make us productive which in return will give us a good life .


Let us save ourselves from becoming a couch potato and bring changes in our current lifestyle .


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